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Glass Ball Foundation - Glass Ball Begins! 8.8.2013 Our Exciting Journey is Supported By You

The Glass Ball Foundation serves those with life-disrupting, physically painful long-term conditions who cannot afford the expense needed to get healthy, regardless of diagnosis, treatment style, or demographic. This list of ailments includes but is not limited to autoimmune disease, systemic infections, toxicity, and other painful chronic conditions.

There are far too many subjected to live a lower quality of life caused by longstanding debilitating pain conditions simply because they do not have financial access to the therapies and treatments that will improve their lives. In this situation, healthcare becomes a monetary burden. This often leads to sub-par management of the chronic pain condition (and even multiple conditions) with little hope of true quality of life with reduced to no pain.

In investigating what is being done about this tragic problem, we have found that, while there are many amazing charities, there is a gap.  That’s where The Glass Ball Foundation’s financial support and resources come in. Read more.


Why The Glass Ball Foundation?
No one should be hindered from flourishing in life because they cannot afford treatment, or even figuring out what the problem is. We are dedicated to financially helping those with debilitating physical chronic pain conditions as long as they need our help to achieve a better quality of life. This aid covers a spectrum of costs, including appointments, treatments, and equipment, as well as other aspects that may be required.               

Our goal is for 97% of donations to go directly to those in need, and to be run on primarily on a volunteer basis. We are touched and greatly encouraged by your response and patience. Your donation and support will go a long way in assisting.

“One in three Americans say they have put off getting medical treatment that they or their family members need because of cost.”

 “The burden of a human disease should be counted not only in terms of dollars spent on health care for people directly affected, but as the total cost to society.”
National Institutes of Health (NIH), “Progress in Autoimmune Disease Research” Report

“54 percent of U.S. chronically ill patients did not get recommended care, fill prescriptions, or
see a physician when sick because of the high cost of care” page 6

“Chronic pain is one of the most underestimated health care problems in the world today, causing major consequences for the quality of life of the sufferer and a major burden on the health care system in the Western world." Professor Harald Breivik, President of EFIC

"I shall not live in vain; / If I can ease one life the aching, / Or cool one pain” Emily Dickinson



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